Wrecked 1993 Freightliner FLD120 restoration

1993 FreightLiner Wreck and Rebuild


The Freightliner was running about 45mph and a guy made a illegal U-turn in front of the loaded 80,000lb Freighliner FLD tractor trailer. Needless to say the guy making the u-turn lost his load of scrap metal and his van. The driver of the van almost lost his life if the truck driver did not swerve to salvage his life. when he truck came to a rest it straddled a ditch bending the tierod and barely missed a telephone pole. After all of this the both drivers lived to walk away from the crash without any major issues with their health. The truck was not so lucky, it had a busted radiator, bent tierod, bent rims, it bent certain parts of the cab, bent the front bumper, it knocked the driver’s steps off,bent the mirrors, and more!

Unluckily here is some of the damage.


A Work in Progress

While performing the task of repairing the truck we decided to snapp a couple of pictures of the work that we do.


On a positive note we estimated the damage, we decided that the rim and most of the cab’s metal could be straightend. We grabbed our porta power,various hammers,bars,pipes,and whatever else needed to perform the body work. As you see the hood is totally trash because it is made of fiberglass. A new hood was purchased for a good deal from a guy down in Georgia for $750 with all of the decorations and necessary parts. The Tie rod was bent as well but we got it straightend by a Stone Truck Parts down in Florence,SC. After beating and banging, sanding, bondoing and priming, and finally painting; we finally got the truck road ready in about two weeks mainly because we had to find a hood and do some traveling to get the parts. The yellow truck in the background was purchased for parts but it runs and we did not want to take too much off of the truck becauase it can be put back on the road also. The driver wanted his truck; that is why we did not put the yellow truck on the road.

The Finished Product

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