WinCaps helps your part search go a little smoother. This Program gives you a visual of what the part is. You can take a screenshot of the picture and show it to your parts man being me or whoever else.

You take a screenshot by maximizing the illustration in wincaps and pressing the print screen button in the upper right area of your keyboard. You then open up MS paint and click the edit button and choose paste. Save your image as a .jpg file and either print it or attach it to a email.

Here is the link to download WinCaps in full.

simple visual instruction are below

Enter your vin number if possible however it is not necessary

I am searching for a Bumper on a 97 Eclipse GST Turbo

Step 1:

Double Click the Vehicle Name Code box and Select your vehicle click ok when you have selected your vehicle

Mitsubishi Wincaps Step 1

Step 2: Select your vehicles Model 1800 would be for the eclipse with the 1.8, 2000 is for the 2.0 non-turbo eclipse and So-on You should know if you have a GS, GST, GSX or RS. Then click OK.

Mitsubishi Wincaps search Step 2

Step 3: Select the Classification Code

Mitsubishi Wincaps Step 3 classification code
Step 4:

Search for your part. Start of very General as the illustrations are very detailed. I searched for a bumper and pressed enter.

Mitsubishi Wincaps Step 4 part search

Step 5: After I pressed enter it gave me a list of parts that are in the area of the bumper
Press f2 and it will display the illustration of the part that you are searching as shown in step 6.

Mitsubishi Wincaps part name code


Step 6: here is the illustration. It takes a little time to get used to it but its worth the time.

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