Rusty Taglight Bracket

No Taglight Bracket No Problem!


When I got this 2G Turbo the taglight bracket was gone. Luckily the lights were still there. If you still have the lights. I will give you some insight on how to possibly mount them back in place.

Steps that I took:

  1. I remvoved the license plate
  2. I then reached down in the hole to grab the taglights
  3. I gathered a paint paddle, a drill, a 1/8th bit, a philips screwdriver,and about 6-8 screws.
  4. cut the paddle into 4 even pieces but I only used two of them
  5. attach the pieces of paddle to one side of the light with the one or two of the screws (You may or may not need a drill depending upon your supplies.)
  6. once that is done place the lights in the original light holders place and offset them to your right and left respectively.
  7. then drill a hole in the bumper cover in the solid piece near the light hole and line
  8. then get the piece of the paddle over the hole that you drilled and drill a hole in the paddle and put the screw through the hole and your lights will be in place do the other side respectively
  9. re-install your license plate
  10. this will keep you from getting pulled over for having a taglight out.

Why are license plates reflective if we still need taglights???

Here are a couple of pics:



You could use better materials but I decided not to at the moment because I was limited on time.

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