Eclipse Parts reference list

Mitsubishi part number reference list


Here is a brief sample of our inventory. If it is not listed check with us . If we do not have it we can get it. Part numbers that begin with MB,MR are Mitsubishi part numbers Some part numbers are subject to our numbering system as mitsubishi did not stamp there numbers on all of their parts. This list is mainly for reference, it does not reflect our entire inventory. CTRL + F is going to be your best friend here.

Part Part #
Fuse Box 0922_48148e15
Fuse Box Cover no #
Door Check no #
air intake mb925160pp
rear view mirror w/lights 263
sunroof switch panel Mr101327
LH Kick Panel Cowl side Trim Mr708085
Latch handle trunk and fuel 98337344
Latch panel trunk and fuel Mb92366f
Sunroof switch no #
Spare tire lock no #
rear view mirror w/o lights
inside door handle cover passenger mb913246
front seat bolt covers either side mr717630
LHseat bolt cover Tan Mb915375
RH front seat belt cover
LH seat bolt cover MB900051
Rear seatbelt covers no #
RH front seat Recline lever no #
Hood release lever no #
Garmet holder cover no #
RH kick panel cowl side trim mb947510
RH tail light cover Mr168410
LH Tail light cover Mr168409
Steering column lower cover MB899628
Center vents 1583225
LH Dash vent lhxb899015
RH Dash Vent rhxb899916
Cd Changer cover MR168412
tail lights stanley
Euro tail lights apc
Gauge Clusters mb917438n
Gauge Clusters mb917432
Stock Infinity amp mr158402
Infinity tape player mr158589
Rear seat speaker grill
SRS clock spring mhop4d1095
Ignition Switch
Keyless reciever mb953726,mb543648
AWD sensor mb875678, x2t211714y29
Starter Relay mb389
Door Lock Relay mb543648
Rear Taillight harness
Vacuum Sensor k5t439884z08 x
Hood Switch for alarm system
Cruise control paddle
Hatch Latch
Relay? e8to8474
Steering column top cover mb899629
Center vent bezel w/o switches mb899620
Center vents bezel w/switches mb899620
hvac/radio bezel xb899603
Dash speaker grille dspg7336
foot rest mb946501
RH Strut service lid mb94762
LH strut service lid mb94761
LH rear 6×9 speaker enclosure mb920269
RH rear 6×9 speaker enclosure mb920270
HVAC Controls hvac7361
Cd Changer 10disc w128
Crankshaft pulley 420pulley-45084
Water pump pulley
3 inch exhaust gasket
o2 housing mr188004
Clutch fluid accumulator
Power steering pump bracket
Clutch Master Cylinder
Power Steering Pump mb911572
Starter m1t7048112v0213
Oil lines
Firewall Transmission Mount Bracket
injen air intake w/maf
Air Intake mb925155
Blow off valve recirculation hose
Altenator belt tensioner bracket
Slave Cylinder
Stock Intercooler mb906450
Intercooler duct mb914217
Front engine mount
Transmission mount
Fuel Filter Holder
Upper Intercooler hose
Camshaft Sensor mb5t2580a
Front engine mount bracket off 7 bolt 4g64
ABS pump mb695862
Brake master cylinder / booster
Fuel Injector resistor md172146e8t05874
Cruise Control Unit
5spd pedal swap.. Clutch and brake pedal only
Battery Tray and Bracket
Intercooler pipe mb906453
Battery Tray Bracket
Big Brake Setup
Fuel Sending Unit/ Fuel Level mr135133, mr225221
AWD fuel pump housing
Engine wiring harness Mb920043
ac cooling fan no part #
Radiator cooling fan no part #
420a wiring harness missing alternator and back of block harness mr319202
front Interior wiring harness 420/4g63 fwd mr318239
Complete 420a wiring harness mb207893
420a wiring harness for parts mr513270
eclipse alarm system harness al sys harnes
hatch wiring harness mb920122
sunroof wiring harness mr309282
Door wiring harness mr213567
complete interior wiring harness c mr207922mr225903,mr920201,
jeep cherokee 4.0 engine haness 560467abb,fbgb2280y0987,96555aj,56044769aba,b2ge258030349,96555h
sunroof glass and mount sg&m
sunroof glass sg8
passenger door glass pdglass
driver door glass ddglass
powersteering lines pstlinee
eiback lowering springs 160070,159732
passenger cvaxle w/abs pa
transmission splash shield mb908259lh
rh splash shield mb908260rh
front splash sheild mb914216
420a oil pan
5spd transmission kf5m332spztth8174
420 5spd bell housing
5spd non turbo transmission
Eagle talon..14in wheel cover mr727524
4g63t radiator saepa66gm30
right hand caliper 6012
left hand caliper 6012
rear trailing arms 6874
front lateral arm lh or rh 4489
rh control arm 3348
lh control arm 3891
bumper cover bracket 1132
Strut shaft boot mb864787
Strut top cover mb910187
Rear lateral arm 7164
Rear sway bar link arm 849q
Rear Cross Member 7439h
Rear Sway bar 497q
rear disc brake conversion… no spindle included [ABS] 8689
Front spindle, hub, and caliper rh 9485
Front spindle, hub, and caliper lh 9854
front a-arm rh 4074
front a-arm lh 834
rear a-arm rh 408q
rear a-arm lh 49q7u
Rear strut assembly mb948090
Rear strut upper mount 3904b
Front strut assembly mr297747970717
Front strut perch lh 7408h
front strut perch rh 47w79
front sway bar 2341
power steering rack 49280054
Front spindle rh 7491j
front spindle lh 4757
Rear lh spindle 3647
camry rh cv axle 4653
420a shifter cable 2894
95 eclipse 420a intake w/ throttle body 47839
Automatic Brake pedal 4791
EGR valve pipe 1123
Front Cross member 3893
Air conditioning compressor bracket mb898992
rear strut springs 9080g
4g64 front oil pump case 2000 7189k
timing belt / balance shaft sprocket 378k
crankshaft timing belt sprocket 9473m
crankshaft balance belt sprocket 7393h
crankshaft balance belt cover sprocket 3489y
balance shaft belt 368t
intake stay 4795k
oil filter housing 5758
upper lh balance shaft 4748
oil pump/balance shaft 4654
rear main seal housing 2384
oil pump pick up tool 9004
oil pan 9006
pistons 6908
front water pipe 93
main bearing caps/saddle 90395
Lh A-pillar mb917037
rh a pillar mb917038
2000 7-bolt crankshaft 1194
Manual Shifter Cables 9921
Glovebox mb899559
Mitsubuishi Driver Air bag bdaf243zcg0
Eagle talon driver airbag bkag6u3zfnt
Passenger Airbag mr708098
blower motor in case mb946485, aa116300-0792
Ac evaporator core mr148156, caa301a086
front bumper cover brackets 7146
Throttle Body 8003
EGR valve pipe k5t5219
fuel pressure regulator 8429
map sensor md305600
sensor ? mr323900
cam sensor j5t23071a7z21
fuel injectors 7410172
M.A.F sensor e5to6071
Hatch carpet 7149
a/c sensor? tn277100-0590
balance belt cover 2010
oil pick up tube 329
1g timing belt tensioner 8004
crankshaft timing belt pulley 7497i
slave cylinder boot& rod 8494d
crankshaft balance belt sprocket 7999
exhaust ring 1023
timing belt oil pump sprocket 5769
harmonic balancer bolt 9929
castle plug 8849
manual boost control 90203
balance belt pulley 8430
other balance belt pulley 4798
2g timing belt tensioner 4891
internal timing belt cover 9102
turn sighal relay box mb943259
ASD,fuel pump, auto trans relay 526,966,283,159
Glovebox door stopper gds4857q
sunroof switch srs736439
2gb camsensor 2126
door switch 8.00E+27
LH mirror cover mr155927
RH mirror cover mr 155928
RH front seat bolt cover mb900052
RH front seat bolt cover passenger mb915376
Dashboard speaker mr757688
sunroof switch cover small mr101325
RH front seatbelt bolt cover f7049
inside driver door handle cover mb913245
steering wheel mb914876,mb914877,mb914961,mb914962
rear 02 sensor mbr02sens
LH front seatbelt bolt cover f7050
ASD,fuel pump relay 4587567
420a crank sensor 37747810
Crankshaft sensor 2gb 2.96653E+15
oil pressure switch 9949
Coolant temp switch 88039
egr valve cylenoid 4287631
relay? mr301971d6299
knock sensor 2390
lug locks and key 5769
fuel pump feed line 904409
front o2 sensor 98-99 2gb 94799
turn signal/ headlight switch 2gb 175319
turn signal/ headlight switch 2ga 17a066
2gb windshield wiper switch 175326
2ga windshield wiper switch 66
turn signal canceller 2gb mr277907
turn signal canceller 2ga mb863530x7
master window switch mb620561960320
cruise/fog light/and mirror control unit mr147088,mr147071
aftermarket radio wiring adapter 33549
420a alternator plug 4979
a/c compressor plug 90498
tail light harness 4078
front bumper light socket 94809
radiator fan plug 36386
cam sensor/ crank sensor/ Ignition coil 4798
o2 sensor plug 4897
tps 6636
2ga cranksensor plug 4879
horn plug 11909
cruise control filler panel mr760229, mr760267
Power mirror switch mr147088
stock radio to rca output 7777
relay?? mr359905
relay??? mb543648v
cruise control relay 3305
passenger headlight 2ga 8888
rear windshield wiper bottle w/ pump 060351-784,060210210-1480
passenger power mirror 2343
tire iron bag 895524xb
e-brake handle 7704
front door speaker enclosure mb875333
test pipe obx
lower intercooler hose.. 4448
90* silicone elbow 47923
3 in silicone cuppler w/ reducer 43536
manual driver mirror 84648
rh mirror mount mb908296
lh mirror mount mb908295
lh door handle md913151
rh door handle md913152
water pipe 8888e
euro light green glow rods L.E.D 71384
center consoles.. 1 red mb899574
front license plate bracket 995419
ashtray & cup holder for center console ma820791
console cupholder mb899594
fuel rail and injectors 547380
timing belt cover md141462
valve cover
front fuel line
air filter housing mb925154,mr127535
driver side cv axle 72937
passenger side cv axle 7456
passenger side cv axle 48747
driver side cv axle 3897
fuel filler neck 4535
Cylinder head missing 2 valves thea4g63t
intake 4g63tint9l
throttle body elbow tbel4345
ABS ECU Mb863949
1995 eeprom ecu MB312464 E
1995 eeprom ecu md309947 E
1998 ecu p05269834ah
1996 or 97 ecu P05293014ac
96 or 97 ecu P05269929
1998 or 99 ecu p05293191ac
1997 ecu P05293013ac
1995 ecu 1-r4874192
1995 abs ecu mb921844
srs ecu mr243890
Srs ecu mb942682
420a tcu 5269848-848166540000
420a tcu p04606503aa
420a tcu p05293114aa
420a shifter cable bracket 48097
Transmission mount 47807
Cruise control servo 4891004
Sunroof motor 404.077
Sunroof E.C.U 9550429
Rear Wiper Motor 159100-9833
Dodge ram ECU 2003 4.7 p56028737ac
ac compressor bracket and tensioner pulley mb898992,mb917488
firewall transmission mount ftbm86443
front engine mount btracket 4666025
alternator 4661998,a002t81292zc
powesteering pump k4h22914
Starter 2339303210-710
a/c compressor mc447200-3648
door lock actuators dlac3848
door latch assembly LH ansei lh
door latch assembly RH ansei rh
taglights w/bracket tlgg0388
air dam covers mr248233,mr248234
Interior door handle LH dy836yhjh
interior door handle RH dy63j3l8
power steering pump bracket 7y6
power steering pump pulley 7y377e
power driver seat base 73jlhssy
power steering cooler lines ps7364u
rh power window regulator mb908184
lh power window regulator mb908183
lh window regulator 8397
oil pump 420a m190ao1
gas pedal 78397
windshield wiper arms 89813-382,89813-380
intake stay brackets 4777103
brake distribution block 38635
front engine to transmission bolt bracket 466809
rear engine to transmission bolt bracket 4567138
Engine lift hooks
flywheel inspection plate 398745
420a cam gear 609
intake cam o596
oil pump sprocket 604
oil filter housing 50045
420a piston rod combo 494987
Water pump gmbcr30
timing belt tensioner bracket 717984
oil pickup tube 4975439
dipstick 893479
dipstick tube 4095477
valve cover 62054777
hood prop 74979
starter alignment plates 498789
thermostat housing 398793
fuel pressure regulator 49754987
420a water pipe front smaller 47945
420a throttle body 9174398
timing belt tensioner 4667283
low wing bracket 97597
rear center bumper cover bracket mr908399
corner bumper cover bracket 49749857
air conditiioning lines 19fqde
high pressure lines 497489
420a coolant reservoir one w/o cap 60604694
rear splash shield mb912184
rh splash shield mb912185
front bumper cover bracket mb909296
exterior fuse box xa12304
charcoal canister & evap system 4594797
flat pin coil pack 5269670
round pin coil pack 49479
rear 6by9 speaker enclosures mb920269, mb920270
rear 6 .1/2 speaker enclosures mb954989,mb954990
automatic shifter cable 39759437
rh cv axle 404798
lh cv axle 98905
door catch 097kh97m
non power antenna 4309b
black dash 516764
backseat 54974
gauge/dash bezel mb899627
lower lh dash cover 87948
shifter base 891547
10in spider speaker grille 26543
egr valve 856297
egr valve pipe 65454
vacuum resovoir
throttle cable
inner timing belt cover 84058
sunroof wiring harness mr920134
owners manual wallet
ecu bracket md308126
shifter cable interior bracket nnddyn
420a transmission shifter cable bracket 3083098
map light bracket mb947864-p30a
cruise control vacuum reservoir 4.66923E+11
accelerator/c.c cable manager 4794787
2gb evap system 90485
lower wing cover xb881973738
audi a6 intake/throttle body 781332050
a4 audi passenger headlight
heater core aa1161006253
evap wiring harness mr318561
4g63 knock sensor e1t155754727
4g63 crank sensor 4974987
vacuum sensor k5t439886704
lh fog light cover mr221717
fuel tank door 49798
passenger window switch mb920564350131
dimmer switch 40847
cruise & mirror control mr76022907126s1
fog light & mirror control mr14707106104s2
Dome Light mb947863
Headlight wiring harness 495497
radio wiring harness adapter 597402
bumper lens socket 8897397
front abs sensor mb953788
horns 40840850
cruise control ecu mb942485
Lower dash bolt cover none
Lower dash filler panel xb917522
seat adjuster forward/backward sw873k
Lumbar adjusters mb916494
Power seat button cover n229310pp
Lower radio tray mr147142
Cigarette lighter xxx78877i
Oh s*** bar 777ikehel
Drain Tube 98408
Front strut mount mb864798
Exhaust Hanger 497497
Battery tray cover mb920554
Headlight door 90732800
Fuel filler cap 44897
Fog Light cap 449547
Passenger Door handle light scratches mb913152
Hood Latch 497492
Release bearing clutch boot 4.67007E+13
Front cross member bolt spacer mb303650
lower radiator support boot mb957819,,mb906100
Hood bump stop 4840809
Upper radiator bracket 8y3jdn
Rear engine lift hook 3587
EGR Valve Gasket metal 88iee
Front sway bar bracket 99f
Water temp sensor 56027878
Timing belt inspection cover 4667610
Evap sensor pa66gf33
Rear o2 sensor 655009040
Washer fluid pump 602101480

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