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2G Eclipse door handle not opening the door

Up’s and Down’s of the 2G Eclipse/Talon’s Plastic Door handles


Its time to let everyone in on the 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse door handle!

We were fixing up a 2g Mitsubishi Eclipse GS for my little brother and We found the door would close real easy but It would not open back up via the exterior door handle. We had to open it from the inside.

We tried…


  • Adjusting the door via the front hinges left,right and up and down – We failed!
  • Adjusting the door striker up and down and adding shims to it – We failed!
  • Being that we have a lot of door catches in stock I grinded the one on the car – We failed!
  • We went on to the door lock assembly. – It seems fo function correctly.
  • While looking at the door lock actuator I thought if I reduce some space within the door handle rod I may get it to open.
  • We put in a 10mm bolt and nut throught door handle rod on the assembly to reduce the space.
  • We reinstalled the simply modified door lock assembly and KAZAMN the door opened. – We passed


Over time the door handle rod on the assembly stretches causing the user to pull harder on the door handle and snapping their door handle. They’ll always sell door handle stregntheners and new door handles on ebay. This simple fix should eliminate the need for those items though. We called it a repair/ modification because you can modify your rod on your car that is functioning correctly and possibly extend the life of your door handle because you are reducing the amount of pull on the door handle to open it. Pictures can be found below! Let us know if it works for you!

2g eclipse door handle solution

The worn door lock assemby

side shot of 2g eclipse door lock assembly

Side shot of the worn door lock assembly .

2g eclipse 10mm bolt for door handle problem

The bolt that we used to perform the mod (one 10mm bolt and nut)

2g eclipse door lock assembly installing the bolt in the door handle rod

Installing the bolt through the overstretched area in the door lock rod, mount the mount at the upper part of the space to ensure proper movement

modified 2g mitsubishi eclipse door lock assembly

The bolt is installed now Only snug the bolt/nut up; it does not have to be torqued

As always perform this mod at your own risk.

It is possible to do this with the door lock assembly in the car. I did it in the car but I had to remove the door lock assembly to get good descriptive pictures.


My 2GB Mitsubishi 3M headlight restoration

3M Eclipse Headlight Restoration


I decided that I wanted to clean up my headlights so I took a trip to autozone to look at their headlight restoring selection. I found the 3M headlight restoring kit , and Meguiars Plastix. They had some other items but I narrowed it down to those two. The Meguiars Plastix kit looks like its for for minimally damaged headlights. The 3M kit came with 500 and 800 grit sandpaper,a 3000 grit buffing pad, polish applicator and the drill attachment and polish. I followed the directions and I came out with this. Im pleased with the outcome now I cant wait to see how long it lasts.

The restoration lasted about six months. The materials that 3M provides you with should allow you to do the procedure atleast two more times so it buys you time until you are ready for the new headlights. The price has been increasing like everything else and it averages in the area of $25. Still not bad when looking at the price of new headlights.










Product that was used: 3M Headlight Lens Restoration from Autozone 19.99 plus taxes




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Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX running from the Police with a 5.0 Ford Mustang