420A engine running without a cam sensor

Who says engines wont run without cam sensors


This is a video of something that we seen when working on a 1998 Non-turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse. I have to admit that it was very strange. The engine here is running without the cam sensor. The engine is supposed to have the cam sensor to even function. The Car would actually cut off when the cam sensor was reinstalled. (Solution Below)

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The timing was off because the exhaust cam was binding into the cylinder head of the car. Over time with the cam binding into the head it broke off the the dowel that lines up the cam gear in the right place to time the engine. We retimed the engine a couple of times and then we just decided to tear the engine down and we found that the dowel on the cam had been broken off. Without the cam dowel the engine is practically impossible to time correctly. So this is just something to lookout for when timing a 420a engine is not going as planned.

However timing the 420a engine is not difficult as people make it seem, it is fairly straight forward. Just make sure that you pay close attention to things out of the norm because they may be a sign

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